Startup Program Unblocker Online Help

Is Startup Program Unblocker supported on any newer versions of Windows?

No, Startup Program Unblocker is only supported on Windows Vista.

Why can't I select a startup type of 'Run as Admin' for some progarms?

Some applications are set to start up whenever ANY user logs in. Startup Program Unblocker does not allow you to run these programs 'as admin' because it would not work correctly when standard users log in. Windows will not allow a program to run 'as admin' on a standard user's desktop unless an administrator physically enters their credentials when the program starts.

Startup Program Unblocker did not detect any blocked programs

The blocked program should be on the list, but is erroneously listed with a startup type of 'Normal'. You will need to manually find the program on the list that is being blocked, and then either select 'rus as admin' or 'don't start' for that program.

Startup Program Blocker detected a program as blocked that is not really blocked

This is caused by an error in the way Startup Program Unblocker detects blocked programs. You can safely ignore these programs.